To all our loyal customers over the past 19 years, we wholeheartedly "thank you" for your support and continued visits TO our very special museum!

we also would like to send out a big "thank you" to all our industry colleagues, advertisers and many many local friends who have supported us throughout our journey here in Lancaster county. without many of you we would not have survived as long as we had! your loyalty to us by spreading the word of our museum is something the ownership and executive staff can never thank you enough for!

to our loyal, wonderful, hardworking staff, "thank you so much". although many staff changes happened throughout our existence, each one of you who came to work here and stayed became an integral part of our daily operations and we forever thank you for your loyalty and love of National Christmas Center.

and to jim morrison, your vision for this remarkable museum is one that could never be replaced. you created the early stages of the museum from a dream you carried from childhood and although you hit some bumps in the road you found solace in your dream when dave murtagh and dallas kraft jumped in to help continue this one-of-a-kind museum dedicated to christmas and all the season encompasses! with the help of dave & judy's collection and dallas's collection we were able to bring much joy, happiness and tons of family memories to many many people across the world.

we will miss this hidden treasure as a team who believed in its success always, but we are praying that a miracle will come our way and help our wonderful museum continue on a journey of sharing the true meaning of christmas!

May god bless you all!


National Christmas Center

Any Questions Contact Mandy Brown at Mandy@Nationalchristmascenter.com


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