Walk the cobblestone streets of this animated storybook village populated with over 125 animal characters in Old World costuming. Read the original Christmas fairytale, featuring Meggie and Jestifer Rabbit. Follow along as they and their fellow citizens of TudorTowne prepare for their first visit from Father Christmas.

Cookies are baked, streets
and homes are decorated, ballads are written and fancy clothing is sewn in preparation for the upcoming revelry. Not all goes smoothly though, as the townsfolk soon find out. Sleezil the Weasel and his pals Scutty and Spike are determined to spoil the celebration.

Their naughty antics, however, do not go unnoticed by the elves --- and a certain Man in Red --- who watch over the little town.

In this story of forgiveness and redemption, the entire village, including some former troublemakers, gathers to celebrate the arrival of Father Christmas and this most wonderful holiday - Christmas!