Sample Tour Packages

National Christmas Center Presents:
Lancaster County Tour Packages

Christmas All Year Long … What a Wonderful Idea!

Following are some ideas to help you customize your group's tour to meet the needs, schedule and interests of your guests. If you like any of the suggestions presented here, contact each individual property to book a date and time that suits your group**. Follow the links for contact information.

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Suggested Tours: 

All Aboard: Loco for Locomotives                                           A Potpourri of Gardens
Visions of Sugarplums: Early Christmas Tree Decorations        Christmas in July
National Christmas Center Presents a Lancaster Christmas      Red Hat Lancaster
Christmas Lights and Holiday Sights                                        Family-Friendly Fun
Lancaster County History                                                         Museum Tour
An Old-Fashioned Country Christmas                                Wrapped Up in Quilts

All Aboard: Loco for Locomotives! - suggested properties**: 

  • National Christmas Center (717) 442-7950 - See the 30' diameter mountain of electric trains under a giant Christmas tree and treasured trains like those from your own childhood
  • Choo-Choo Barn (717) 687-7911- Lancaster County in miniature; 1700 sq. ft. train display features animated figures and 22 operating trains
  • Strasburg Railroad (717) 687-7522- Ride America's oldest short line railroad through PA Dutch Country
  • Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania - More than 100 historic locomotives and railroad cars, changing exhibits, exciting special events
  • National Toy Train Museum (717) 687-8628- See original examples of hundreds of toy locomotives and cars in five large operating layouts

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Visions of Sugarplums: Early Christmas Decorations - suggested properties**: 

  • National Christmas Center (717) 442-7950- see how the earliest Christmas trees in Pennsylvania were decorated using cookies, nuts, fruit, pretzels and popcorn, then follow our suggestions to find these goodies for your own old-fashioned tree!
  • Intercourse Pretzel Factory (717) 768-3432 - twist your own pretzel
  • Bird in Hand Farmers Market (717) 393-9674 - fresh produce includes yummy fruit and nuts
  • Kitchen Kettle Village (800) 732-3538 - sample kettle corn popcorn, then try your hand at decorating your own gingerbread man

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 Christmas in July - suggested properties**: 

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National Christmas Center Presents "A Lancaster Christmas"  

  • National Christmas Center  - See how Christmas customs and traditions evolved through the decades from the 1850's through the 1960's, as you walk through historically-recreated room settings of each time period, accurately furnished and decorated to represent a precious piece of Pennsylvania Christmas history. Features a tribute to F. W. Woolworth's first 5&10 Cent Store, established 125 years ago in Lancaster, PA

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An Old-Fashioned Country Christmas - suggested properties** 

  • National Christmas Center  -  learn about Christmas customs, and discover how many of our holiday traditions had their roots in turn-of-the-century Pennsylvania observances; see baking and candy making utensils straight from Grandma's kigchen and enjoy the life-sized scenes in "A Pennsylvancia Christmas"' relieve childhood memories under our giant Christmas tree
  • Kitchen Kettle Village  -  reconnect with the true spirit of the season. Enjoy old-fashioned foods, traditions, festive decorations and live holiday music(Fri. eves in November/December - call 717.768.8261 for dates/times)
  • Landis Valley Museum  -  Country Christmas Village; delight in a PA German holiday traditions, decorations, and food - call for dates/times 717.569.0401

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Red Hat Lancaster - a special tour for the ladies who dress in purple and red:

  • National Christmas Center (717) 442-7950- Red Hat Ladies … who is the original Red Hat Man? Why none other than Santa Jr. himself, at the National Christmas Center. Don't be surprised if the Man in Red is also sporting a bit of purple for the occasion! Walk through 15 galleries of life-sized exhibits, an animated storybook village, Christmas around the World, Toyland, trains, antiques and more. An unforgettable tour of the magic, memories and traditions of the world's most beloved holiday!
  • Landis Valley Museum (717) 569-0401- Take a break with tea and cookies served in the village's 1856 historic house, hotel and tavern. The tour the picturesque living history village. Your group will delight in the live interpretation, craft demonstrations, special exhibits and other programs held at Landis Valley.
  • Flower and Craft Warehouse (717) 355-9975- Seeing is believing! Boasting over 135,000 square feet of merchandise, the Flower and Craft Warehouse is sure to be a Red Hotter's shopping paradise. A huge assortment of Red Hot items can be found in one of the country's largest craft stores. Thousands of other items are available, all at incredible prices you won't find anywhere else.

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Christmas Lights and Holiday Sights - suggested properties**: 

  • National Christmas Center (717) 442-7950- 20,000 square feet of indoor Christmas displays open year round for groups of 20 or more; 15 main galleries; life-sized scenes, antiques, toys, memories!
  • Longwood Gardens (610) 388-1000- a premier horticultural display offering exquisite gardens, conservatories, concerts, educational opportunities, illuminated fountains, holiday displays
  • Hershey, PA 1 (800) HERSHEY- Christmas Candy Lane amusement park rides and entertainment; Hershey Sweet Lights: 600+ illuminated, animated displays on 2 miles of wooded, drive-thru trails

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Museum Tour - suggested properties**: 
Consider combining any of the following to make a fascinating itinerary for museum lovers:

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Family-Friendly Fun - suggested properties**: 

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A Potpourri of Gardens - suggested properties**: 

  • National Christmas Center (717) 442-7950- not your typical garden! Come see the "Christmas garden", a Moravian tradition that evolved into the practice of putting villages and electric trains under the Christmas tree - part of "A Pennsylvania Christmas", one of 15 main galleries in this 20,000 sq. ft. exhibition of Christmas magic and memories, open year round for groups of 20 or more
  • Longwood Gardens (610) 388-1000 - a premier horticultural display offering exquisite gardens, conservatories, concerts, educational opportunities, illuminated fountains, holiday displays
  • Flower & Home Marketplace (717) 351-0015- one-stop shopping for all your home décor needs; choose from an endless variety of familiar and exotic dried and silk florals and greens
  • Hershey Farm Restaurant and Inn (800) 748-8042- situated on 23 acres of thousands of flowers, walking trails, shaded wooded areas, and fruit and vegetable gardens
  • Landis Valley Museum (717) 569-0401- Spring Herb and Garden Faire, heirloom seed sales, Harvest Days, daily tours of grounds

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Lancaster County History Tour - suggested properties**: 

  • National Christmas Center (717) 442-7950- discover how the seeds of America's Christmas celebrations were planted in Lancaster County! View "A Pennsylvania Christmas"; learn of local Moravian influences on Christmas celebrations; see a recreation of PA's first publicly-documented decorated Christmas tree; enjoy a life-sized replica of the original F.W. Woolworth's 5&10 Cent Store storefront, Lancaster, PA, circa 1891; and walk into a 1940's-1950's Woolworth's at Christmas time
  • Landis Valley Museum (717) 569-0401- authentic Pennsylvania Dutch village and farm; historic buildings, heritage-breed farm animals and gardens, diverse collection of early farm, trade and household objects
  • Wheatland (717) 392-8721- Lancaster's historic residence of the 15th president of the United States, James Buchanan - the only Pennsylvanian to occupy the White House
  • Cornwall Iron Furnace (717) 272-9711- a once-thriving iron plantation where iron was made into cannons for the Continental Army during America's War for Independence; only cold-blast iron furnace to survive intact in the Western Hemisphere

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