Experience Christmas as you never have before,
at National Christmas Center !


Be entertained, educated and mesmerized as you travel around the globe
and through the centures in fifteen galleries and 20,000 square feet of life-sized,
indoor exhibits that showcase both the secular and the sacred aspects of the holiday.


Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa

Life-sized vignette portrays Christmas 100 years ago and tells the true story of a little girl whose belief in Santa Claus was restored by the response of a newspaper editor to her innovent question "Is there a Santa Claus?"

Another Successful Night

Santa and his elves are worn out after another successful night delivering all the goodies to children all over the world. See Santa and the elves as they sleep away the day on December 25th!

Images of Santa

Over 500 2-D and 3-D images portray the evolution of how Santa has been depicted through the years, from the legends of St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, Turkey in 300 AD, to the jolly man in red we know and love today.

Christmas around the World

See how Christmas is being celebrated in different countries around the world!

1950's Woolworth's 5 & 10

This re-creation of a 1940’s – 1950’s-era five and dime showcases vintage Christmas toys and merchandise displayed in a realistic store setting. The shelves are stocked floor to ceiling with such treasures as the Red Ryder BB gun, Yakity Yak chattering wind-up teeth, tin soldiers on horseback, and 5 cent phonograph records.

Antiques Emporium

See how hand-blown glass ornaments are made, countless Christmas antiques and unusual items such as old Santa masks used in church and school pageants.

Santa's North Pole Workshop and Reindeer Barn

The elves are busy in this toy-making wonderland! Animated reindeer nod from their stalls as bears and elves craft toys, wrap packages and sew dolly dresses. Santa presides over all the activity in this life-sized exhibit.

TudorTowne Animated Storybook Village

Travel the cobblestone streets of this animated story book village and read an original Christmas fairy tale. A multitude of whimsical animals, dressed in Old World costuming, enact the tale.

A Pennsylvania Christmas

Many Christmas customs and traditions had their roots in Pennsylvania; See the life-sized scenes, including a representation of a simple Amish celebration.

Street of Memories

Storefronts decorated for the holidays line this street straight out of the 1950’s.

1950's Night Before Christmas

Peek into the living room and see two children discovering Santa at the fireplace in this life-sized recreation of a vintage Coca Cola advertisement.

Toyland Train Mountain

Electric trains traverse a mountain 30 feet in diameter and three tiers high. Fantasy villages and landscaping evoke the holiday spirit. Then, look up! You’ll find yourself under the decorated branches of a giant Christmas tree!

The Art of the Nativity

See hundreds of Nativities from around the globe.

O' Holy Night

This exhibit showcases a ¾ life-sized hand-carved wooden Nativity, nearly 100 years old. Twenty-two figures include the Holy Family and 3 camels which stand nearly 6 feet tall. 

The First Christmas

Realistic scenery and lifelike, life-sized characters take you on a journey from "Nazareth" to "Bethlehem". Hear latin and Aramaic being spoken and music from that time period. Walk among palm trees and through a valley in this total environmental experience. At the end, step into the stone grotto and behold the Birth of Christ. 

 Virtual Tours

Check out our virtual tours courtsey of Mike Sabol. Lobby Exhibit, Christmas Around the World and O'Holy Night soon to be updated along with a few new tours.