Baby boomers are particularly entranced by the finale to "Street of Memories", the salute to the 1950's, featuring a Coca Cola Santa. The life-sized vignette was inspired by a vintage Coca Cola ad showing two little children spying on Santa, late on Christmas Eve.

He has stopped by the fireplace, where they've left not milk and cookies, but the beverage that promises "the pause that refreshes".

Early American furniture lends an aura of authenticity to the living room scene, as does the tree festooned with plastic ornaments and illuminated by glowing bubble lights.

A 1953 Crosly television plays classic black and white Christmas shows of the era. Through the living room doorway visitors catch a glimpse of a 1950's kitchen complete with "modern" appliances and those kitchen accoutrements known the world over - the chrome and red vinyl table and chairs.

One imagines the dimly-lit room will be alive with the hustle and bustle of dinner preparations in the morning, as the children tear open their gifts from St. Nick.